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After decades of refinement, 3D printing has proved to be useful in a variety of industries, but did you know it could quite literally save your life?

One of the prominent uses of 3D printing technology is in healthcare. From patient-specific prosthetics to customized medical devices, 3D printing is on its way to transform medicine and the way we approach healthcare. Below are just a few examples of how 3D printing can be used to help people:

Prosthetics & orthotics

A well-designed prosthesis or brace makes a huge difference when it comes to one’s quality of life. Finding the balance between the right fit, appropriate material and its appearance is very difficult, but 3D technology is specifically set up for that level of customization. What sets 3D printing apart from other manufacturing methods is the fact that the former promises high-quality, durable products, that are designed to be functional and comfortable at the same time.

Medical implants and aid devices

Thanks to the 3D printing technology, we are now able to modify and develop bespoke medical devices such as hearing aids, eyewear, and implants (e.g. airway and artery splints or facial reconstruction implants). As a matter of fact, 3D printing has virtually transformed the hearing aid manufacturing, turning a lengthy and labour-intensive process into an efficient long-term solution, with focus on precision and optimization.

Medical tools

Most hospitals have a standard collection of equipment, but what happens when a patient requires a unique approach? With 3D printing, you can produce bespoke surgical instruments and examination equipment without wasting resources.

Anatomical models

Sometimes, to find the solution, we must get to the crux of the matter. However, two-dimensional scans do not always provide the necessary insight. The evolution of the 3D technology enabled us to recreate accurate physical models of organs and structures, therefore allowing the doctors to find solutions via a hands-on approach.


3D printing helped to significantly improve the quality of dental healthcare. From dental restorations and castable crowns, to braces and denture design, 3D printing provides speed and accuracy required in this line of medical work.

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