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In the competitive setting of today’s market, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever. Thanks to the magic of 3D printing technology, you can create unique products, with unlimited potential for customization. Traditional manufacturing methods require unwavering commitment, both conceptually and financially. The key benefit of additive manufacturing is the ability to change and improve product design as you go, without the burden of order minimums or upfront investment in equipment. 

As you tweak the design and improve the quality of your product, you may also benefit from a significant reduction in costs by minimizing the amount of parts, reduced assembly times, ability to produce low volume series, and the increased speed of prototyping. 


Accessories no longer have to be limited to their appearance – they can perform a function while maintaining a sleek and fashionable look. From phone and tablet cases to key chains and pet tags, 3D printing allows you to add a personal touch to your product and tailor it to your audience. As well as being used for functional items, additive manufacturing is commonly used to produce wearable accessories, such as eyewear and jewelry.

Consumer Goods

Home Tech

One of the most competitive consumer goods sectors is technology we use on a daily basis. When it comes to home tech, you want to strike a fine balance between appearance, functionality and ease of storage. From kitchen appliances featured in most households, to audio output devices such as bluetooth speakers and earphones, additive manufacturing allows you to work out the kinks and produce eye-catching items people would love to have at home. 

Kids toys

From simple figurines of their favourite characters, to complex learning devices, you can rapidly develop prototypes for children’s toys and in certain cases, even 3D print some of the end-parts. The rapid prototyping allows you to design toys that will not only bring children joy, but are functional and durable at the same time. With the use of additive manufacturing, you can shape the minds of future generations by introducing basic concepts through tangible play.

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