Architectural 3d printing

When designing an architectural structure, precision is key. 3D printing technology can be used to create elaborate models, perfectly scaled to represent your design. By using 3D models to illustrate their creations, architects are able to refine their concept quickly and affordably. Having a tangible model of your building is incredibly beneficial when it comes to visualising the structure in its true form and conveying your idea, both to the client and to your team.


Most of the buildings we use in our everyday life involve complex designs that combine appearance, functionality, safety, and endurance. From suburban houses and apartment blocks, to office buildings and shopping malls, 3D printed models play an instrumental role in designing not only homes but entire sections of towns and cities.

Industrial sector

As well as residential and urban buildings, a large part of the architectural sector is focused on industrial buildings. Designing industrial buildings involves careful planning in order to meet every criteria. Factories and agricultural structures, as well as power and water plants, all require space to fit the necessary machinery and accommodate a large number of people. 3D printing allows architects to perfect their designs in the early stages of development, and create a safe environment for the workers of the industrial sector.

Naval architecture

Architecture is not limited to land structures, and any architect that deals with naval vessels knows that in addition to the interior structure and appearance, the design must account for mechanical components and be able to stay afloat. Large marine vessels such as cargo ships, cruise ships, or aircraft carriers require even more thought and precision, and without 3D printing technology, a physical model could take days to complete.

Historical restoration

As well as being used for commercial projects, 3D printing can shine the light on historical architecture. With current technology, it is now possible to visualise ancient worlds and create detailed models of entire cities.

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