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Produce your parts quickly with our online 3D printing service.

The3DPS is your additive manufacturing hub. With over 30 materials for any application, get the parts you need in just a few clicks.

3D Printing Applications

Enhance your business strategy and accelerate your innovation with our online 3D printing service. Benefit from the expertise of 3D printing professionals and create high-quality products with our advanced 3D printing technologies.

From healthcare to architecture, our 3D printing service is set up to deliver top-notch quality products to a number of industries. Transitioning towards this cutting-edge manufacturing process could take your production to the next level. Our 3D printing technology opens the door for high-quality, functional designs for prototypes and end-use parts that were previously impossible to produce.

We work closely with our clients to bring their 3D models to life. Our in-depth experience allows us to provide creative solutions for any challenges our clients face along the way. We use a wide range of highest quality materials and the most recent available technology to provide you with bespoke products, perfectly suitable for your business. We are dedicated to meeting evolving customer needs while maintaining reasonable costs.


From patient-specific prosthetics to customized medical devices, 3D printing is on its way to transform medicine and the way we approach healthcare.

Prosthetics and orthotics, Medical implants and aid devices, Medical tools, Anatomical models, Dentistry… 3D printing can be used to help people.

3d printing medical
3d printing architecture


When designing an architectural structure, precision is key. 3D printing technology can be used to create elaborate models, perfectly scaled to represent your design. By using 3D models to illustrate their creations, architects are able to refine their concept quickly and affordably.

Buildings, Industrial sector, Naval architecture, Historical restoration…

Art & Fashion

3D printing technology is transforming the way things are brought to existence, from the very moment they are designed. Creative industries like art and fashion are no exception. As the 3D printing technology keeps evolving, it is becoming more accessible to sculptors, clothing producers, and accessory designers.

Eyewear, Clothing, Sculture, Mixed media art, Graphic design…

3d printing art
3d printing consumer goods

Consumer Goods

Thanks to the magic of 3D printing technology, you can create unique products, with unlimited potential for customization. Traditional manufacturing methods require unwavering commitment, both conceptually and financially. The key benefit of additive manufacturing is the ability to change and improve product design as you go, without the burden of order minimums or upfront investment in equipment.

Accesories, Home Tech, Kids toys…


In the perfect world, learning through books and lectures would be enough. But the truth is, people need a variety of different learning mediums. Some absorb information through an audio source, some prefer to read about it, others require a visual aid. By introducing 3D printed models, you can finally include the students that fare better with kinaesthetic learning.

Chemistry, Biology, Phisics, History, Graphic design….

3d printing education
3d printing engineering

Engineering & Product Design

The process of taking an idea and developing it into a viable product has never been smoother. 3D printing technology allows you to perfect your prototype, and ensures your products can be released to the market in a timely fashion. Taking these steps will also significantly reduce costs down the line.

Concept Exploration, Rapid Prototyping, Pre-Production, Production…


The gaming industry was able to benefit from development of 3D printing technology. Additive manufacturing is perfect for gamers who want to have a miniature of their unique character, simulate the landscape of their favourite game, or customize their console.

Hobbyists, Board game pieces, World building, models, Custom gaming devices…

3d printing gaming
3d printing jewelry


Making jewelry is a time-consuming process, so for any jeweler, especially ones working as part of a small business, digital fabrication techniques are a game changer. From independent jewelry designers to casting houses operating at a larger scale, integrating 3D printing into the manufacturing process allows jewellers to rapidly produce prototypes, consult clients and diversify their offerings.

Direct investment casting, Fittings and consultations, Rubber molds for production casting…

Why 3D Printing?

Traditional manufacturing methods can be limiting when it comes to creating a prototype in a timely manner. Rapid prototyping is extremely important in order to determine the right shape, feel and functionality before advancing to large-scale manufacturing. The great efforts of our team and the advanced 3D printing technology ensure a fast turnaround, which keeps your business efficient and reliable.

When manufacturing on a larger scale, you want to ensure that the process is accurate and repeatable. Our high-end software, combined with our state-of-the-art equipment and innovative methods, allow us to print your products with pinpoint precision every single time.

Our team

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Produce your parts quickly with our online 3D printing service.

Enhance your business strategy and accelerate your innovation with our online 3D printing service. Benefit from the expertise of 3D printing professionals and create high-quality products with our advanced 3D printing technologies.
3D printing process

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